Phoenix, AZ, United States

From the "International Business Times" - Jan, 2015

Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants living in the nation's most populous city now qualify for identification cards under a new City Hall program aimed at keeping track of New York's growing immigrant population. The ambitious outreach effort has been hailed by proponents as a way to make immigrants safer, while critics have decried the de Blasio administration for extending benefits to the city's many illegal residents.Applicants won't be asked about their immigration status. The card can be used to open a bank or credit union account, and obtain residential benefits from City Hall. “IDNYC is not only a card for all New Yorkers, it is the gateway to city services, the key to opening a bank account or getting a library card, and the ticket to many of our city’s finest cultural institutions.

The Trojan Horse

We now have evidence that the hijacked version of the card  is being modeled (by some Council members), after New York City's "IDNYC" card and is promoted primarily as an avenue to legitimize the status of non-citizens (aka 'Illegal Aliens') who reside within Phoenix City boundaries. In adding insult to injury, if implemented, not only will Illegal's obtain free City Services with this Card but start up fees, photo, printing and distribution costs will also be born by Phoenix taxpayers as well. This program is nothing more than a Trojan Horse being promoted as some shiny new toaster oven that everyone should be in possession of. Citizens from every corner of the state should be concerned because if Phoenix were to take the bait and adopt this scam that New York is selling, it will only be a matter of time before the cancer spreads to other Arizona municipalities!.

Some Phoenix Council members  have teamed with  "Community Organizing" groups such as the Center for Neighborhood Leadership, One PHX ID, SEIU, Arizona Dream Act Coalition, Puente Human Rights,  Somos America, etc., in trying to hijack a proposed "Unified City Services/Municipal ID Card" concept. The original intent of this ID card was to condense a number of City provided services into one ID card for City of Phoenix residents. Sounds fair doesn't it?



About Us & the ID Card

We want to ensure that Phoenix Tax dollars are prudently allocated, especially with a anticipated deficit for the upcoming 2016/2017  budget. Additionally, it is imperative that the City of Phoenix does not issue any type of municipal card to those that have no legal presence in the United States.