Phoenix, AZ, United States

THE REALITY :   A municipal ID card will not make any neighborhood safer. Investing in programs that educate Phoenicians that police are the good guys is the answer. As the victim of, or a witness to a serious crime, all people are encouraged to contact the police. The Phoenix Police Department understands the extent of their authority in investigating a crime.  Their first and main agenda during crime investigation, is to resolve the situation. Out reach to the community in this regard is preferred instead of relying on a Municipal ID card that has no "LEGAL" standing with any law enforcement agency in Arizona, including the Phoenix Police Department.


April, 2015

Gary Verburg, Phoenix City Attorney

December, 2012

"As such, a City issued identification, for the purpose of Senate Bill 1070 compliance, does not offer anything which is not already available through other governmental agencies".


THE LAW :   As the victim of a serious crime you may be eligible to apply for a U-Visa. The U visa applies to immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, who are the victims of certain serious crimes and who have cooperated with authorities in the prosecution of the perpetrator. An immigrant granted a U Visa or I-360 Petition will subsequently be given legal status to reside and work in the United States. The law gives law enforcement agencies the ability to investigate and prosecute certain types of criminal cases, including: domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking of aliens and other crimes while, at the same time, offering protection to victims of such crimes.The law also helps law enforcement agencies to provide assistance to immigrants who are victims of crime. Immigration may grant no more than 10,000 U visas in any fiscal year (October 1 through September 30). The limit does not apply to spouses, children, parents, and unmarried siblings who are accompanying or following to join the principal alien victim.



"Increase crime reporting and allow victims or witnesses to provide identification to law enforcement.
The City ID would increase community involvement and also confidence in interacting with our law enforcement. Individuals such as youth, elderly, homeless, immigrants, lgbtq community and domestic violence survivors become more vulnerable due to a lack of identification. The City ID would encourage community safety and allow victims or witnesses to provide identification to law enforcement.