Phoenix, AZ, United States

When you give FREE benefits to those in our Country illegally, at the tax payers expense, where is the savings in that?

The Guardian, January 2015

"Though all residents will be eligible to apply for the new ID, called IDNYC, undocumented New Yorkers are expected to benefit most.  In addition to a free one-year membership to the city’s leading cultural institutions, the IDNYC card will provide undocumented immigrants with the ability to access state buildings and open bank accounts with a number of participating financial institutions."

Undocumented immigrants in New York get ID cards to open bank accounts

The only way to save money on the proposed cards, is to have a Financial institution issue them. If this is done, who then controls the "CITY" Identification Card?



"Streamline library, community center, bus and light rail card services into single cost efficient program
The City of Phoenix issues thousands of library and community center identification cards each year. By streamlining library, community center, bus and light rail programs into a single card program, ONE PHX ID can save taxpayers over $250,000 over the next decade, as well as, make accessing city services more convenient."

A municipal ID card will not produce a savings when you include a debit feature, picture ID and other additions that are being suggested by One PHX ID.  This of course UNLESS you have a Financial Institution join in the party and have them pick up the costs of the card. And here is why they want to play in this game.......................$$. Additionally, this will give those in our Country Illegally, who reside in Phoenix,  a wonderful way to make financial transactions easily. Maybe even set the card up so that $$ can be directly sent back to their Country of origin.


April, 2015

Formal City Council Meeting
May 13, 3:00 PM
City Council Chambers, 200 W. Jefferson St.